Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Toothless birthday party

My son has requested a toothless birthday party for his 6th birthday. His birthday is the end of October so it makes it hard for outside parties. We have tried for outside the last 3 years and have had interesting weather, so this year we decided for indoors and as it would be, this Saturday is to be gorgeous.

Anyway, all that to say that this year we booked with an arts and crafts store and after booking they tell us we are responsible for the craft.  

I have decided to share it with the world in case anyone else needs an idea. 

What you need:
Wooden spoon
Wooden craft spoon
Green paint
Black paint
Paint brushes
Glue (I used hot glue guns)
Black felt
Red felt
Black pipe cleaner 
Magic marker
Patterns - (you can make your own or download one from Bug, Boo and Bean

Start by painting the two spoons black and set aside to dry. 

Cut pipe cleaner in half and cut, and then fold in half. These will become the legs. 

Cut out the patterns. Cut the mouth, ears, wings, and tail from the black. Cut the tongue and wing from the red. 

Once the spoons are dry, glue the craft spoon to the back of the wooden spoon. 

Next, glue the legs on and Then glue on the wings over the top of the front legs. 

Glue the black and red tail pieces onto the tail. 

Glue the mouth and tongue on. 

Glue the ears on. 

Last paint the green and black eyes on and let it dry. 

You are done. 

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