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Abraham's letter to his daughter

This is so incredibly beautiful and so similar to our thoughts even though the circumstance is hard.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Abraham's letter

This is the letter that Abraham wrote to our daughter. This was in the funeral program.

For My Daughter, Felicity Margaret Piper

Felicity, your mama and I’ve been praying since you were just a speck that you’d be saved—that you’d love Jesus. “At an early age,” we’d sometimes pray, or sometimes we would even say, “Very soon.”

We didn’t know what we were asking for.

Last night, as we tried to fall asleep, for the first time since we found out you exist, we didn’t ask that God would save you. We thanked him that he had.

The Lord has blessed you and kept you, Felicity. The Lord has made his face to shine upon you and been gracious to you. The Lord has lifted up his countenance upon you and he has given you peace.

If you’d been given to me longer, I’d have put my hand on you and prayed that blessing for you every night. But Jesus said “Yes” before I got the chance to ask.

Yes, I’ll bless her. Yes, I’ll keep her.
Yes, I’ll shine my face upon her and be gracious to her.
Yes, I’ll lift up my countenance upon her, and, yes, I will give her my peace.
Yes, I’ll do all this for you. What’s more, I’ll do it for you now.

I can hardly breathe, Felicity. We didn’t mean our prayers to be answered quite like this. But here we are.

And there you are. Pleasures forevermore. Your name could not be truer now.

We never need to pray for you again—only about you: Dear Jesus, thank you for Felicity.

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