Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Jesus,

Dear Jesus,

I hope that this is something that you do with all the precious little babies that you have with you.  All the mommies and daddies here on earth miss our precious ones so much.  I know the reality is that they are enjoying the wonderful gift of perfect worship of all that you are, but my heart just wants to believe that you will still take them aside, cuddle them, sing to them and tell them of our love for them.  I wanted so much to have had the opportunity to have given my life for them.  I do not understand why my time on earth is still going and they never had the chance to live.  I will still trust you in what I do not understand.

I have been told that if I could see what you see, I would choose what you chose.  Since I am not you, I just have to trust.  It is really a moment by moment journey I find myself on, and I think that is where you want us all to be.  I have always wanted to look so far into the future and try to have things all planned out.  I am learning to enjoy each moment as best I can.  I still fail so often in this area, but I am learning to walk it out so much better since my precious girls have gone home.

Thank you for the opportunity to carry them and to love them.  My love is forever even though carrying them was short.

Can you all do a great big group hug and know it is me hugging all of you.

Your daughter,


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