Saturday, December 15, 2012

Did you see?

Dear Madilyne,

Did you see your memorial service and how it touched so many?

I have heard over and over again how precious your memorial was and how it has impacted so many lives.  I am thankful that people were able to see Jesus in the midst of heartache.  We wanted people to see the hope that we have.  We want people to find the hope we have.

We have still not heard if anyone has come to a saving knowledge of Jesus as a result of your life, we hope so.  Your story is not over and we will keep praying that people find Jesus because of your life.

We have heard some stories of your impact.  We long to hear more.  We hope to hear more.  It helps us when we hear how people love their kids more, hug them tighter, spend more time together, or anything that has caused them to take a different look at their lives and what Christ has done for them and given them.  The stories help us heal.  Where the stories are not the "reason" you had to die, the help your death hurt less.

my beautiful daughter, I love you and you have touched my life in many ways.  I try to spend more time with people, more time with my family, more time with Turner, less time on the computer, more time with Jesus...just really trying to enjoy the moments that I have and make sure to find the places God is calling me to serve.  Thank you for giving me a new perspective.

I am so excited to get to hold you and hug you and kiss you again.

Love you from earth to heaven,


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