Friday, December 14, 2012

Things I have learned from Madilyne's Death

  1. Our perspective needs to be ETERNAL
  2. Life is too short, Forgive one another
  3. Love our Neighbors
  4. Having Joy is a choice
  5. Love is a gift
  6. To Love Deeply is to open yourself up to hurt Deeply, but it is worth it
  7. To wish that Madilyne did not die is to wish not to experience her at all.
  8. The church SHOULD BE bigger than the building in which you attend.
  9. I have more friends than I ever really though I did, yet not necessarily all that I thought I had are the ones that God is using the most now.
  10. God is so much bigger than our circumstances.  I am glad that I do not understand His ways, because it would really be hard to worship and serve someone that I could fully grasp.  My God is BIGGER than that.  AMEN

There is so much more, but I wanted to remind myself that I haven't stopped living, caring, breathing, being.  I am still standing and even in sadness, I feel that I am stronger and understand Jesus more as a result.

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