Monday, October 29, 2012

How to use this name....

Well, I think that I am finally seeing how we can use this name as a ministry in our family.  This name came to me several years ago when Torrey and I were trying to figure out ways to serve the Lord together, yet have our own strengths and weaknesses being used.

I want to check into making this a Non Profit Charity type name where we can Share the love of our Savior through various ways.  We know that God has us walking out a lot of different things, not so we can fall into depression, but so that we can use it to minister to others in a similar place and need.  We hope that we can show the love of Christ to those around us and walk them to the feet of Jesus, where they can accept Him into their lives and find the true HOPE in this life.

Still have lots to think about and determine and would love any advice as to the steps I should take to start working out these ideas.  That should be fun in itself.  I am fortunate to remember from one moment to the next what I need to do, let alone try to figure out how to do this to love on other people.  It will be fun and interesting, but I am ready to be challenged to live out my faith a whole lot louder than I have for the past 41 years of my life.

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