Monday, October 29, 2012

28 October 2012

Dear Madilyne,

Today is your brother's birthday.  Another hope had to be put to rest today.  Oh how we had hoped you could share in the gift giving to your brother.  We tell him so often that you love him.  He tells you all the time that he loves you. We did tell him that all the gifts were from Daddy, Mommy, Jordan and Madilyne, so he knows the love that you would have had for him.  He loves you so much too.  He got balloons today at Red Robin and got 2 extra to send up to you and Jordan.  We watched them until we couldn't see them anymore.  He sent you a blue one and Jordan an orange one.

He carries a picture of you in the car, he has one in his room, he has them all over.  The baby doll we have, he loves to take care of and give kisses to.  He LOVES you so much.  I would have loved to see the relationship that you would have had with him.  I know that it would not have been perfect.  I am not a fool to think it would have been. I am most certain that you would have been a RAT just like your brother.  RAT is a term of endearment, I promise.  We have called Turner, Bently and Georgie all Momma's RATS.  Each of them have their own special things that make them such.  You would have had them too, but I would have loved you despite them, just as I do the boys.

We talked about how you are smiling at Turner on his special 4th birthday.  We told him that you are proud of how kind he is.  We tell him that you are talking to Jesus on his behalf.  Please, do talk to Jesus.  We want Turner to come to a saving knowledge of Him.  We are hoping it will be soon, but we know God has a perfect time.  We are trusting that T will come to know him.  Oh, please, Jesus, let it be so.

Turner, Daddy and Momma love you tons.

Momma <3

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