Friday, September 24, 2010

Yaya Orchard & Farm

kids picking apples together
Today Turner and I went to Yaya Orchard and Farm with Amy, Logan, Casey, Simon and Riley.

As all things seem to go with me, this wasn't quite right.  When I got there, she looked at me and said that she was only expecting 1 adult and 3 children.  That is odd as Neither Amy nor I would have had that combination even on our own.  I had told her there would be up to 8 people picking.  We ended up only being able to pick a bag a piece and when I say a piece that would be me and Amy and the bag was one of the smallest ones I have ever seen for one of the most exorbitant prices I have seen.  The experience, company and fun was worth it in the end, but we will look harder next year for a different experience.

Logan is feeding the chickens clover.
The kids were able to play around the farm and feed the animals.  It isn't highly commercialized and only has reservations only so as a parent you don't have to be worried you will lose your child.

I plan to make apple pie filling and can it as I already have made some applesauce and canned that.

I really enjoy these experiences and need to find more cultural experiences to do with Turner.  If anyone has suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them.
Simon giving Turner a bite of his apple.

The donkey is biting my elbow in this very picture.  I was also nibbled on by
a horse.  He was trying to eat my shirt and pants.  

Two farmers chatting about their day.  LOVE this picture
the wagon welcoming us upon arrival.  It was HARD to locate this place,
 but once you found it, they had cute decorations.
This is the sign from the road.  No wonder it was hard to see.  AHH.  We both
passed the place about 3 times.  Turner and I stood at the road so Amy would
find it.

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