Friday, September 24, 2010

Turner is almost 2

Turner enjoying his first
trip to Lakeside.
I cannot believe how fast 2 years has gone.  My little baby is so much a toddler now and it has been such a joy to watch him learn.  Every day is a huge learning experience for him and me.  I miss the baby stage where I got to cuddle him as much as I liked, but it is also fun to be at this stage.  I have to really appreciate the cuddling moments as they are few and far between.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night, I like to grab him out of bed and just rock him.

I think that Turner is one of the most gifted little boys ever.  I am sure it is because he is mine, but he is just so darn cute and SMART.

Turner helping momma bake
for the first time.  Didn't turn
out great, but tasted okay.
He has really gotten into books the last month.  He will sit and read and re-read books for ours.  It is fun to just have him sit on my lap and look with me.  Sometimes he doesn't want to read as much as point out things for me to tell him what they are.  He has recently taken to pretending everything is biting him from within the pages.  I started that once and he has become quite dramatic about it now.

Turner also likes to hear stories about himself as well as point out pictures all around the house for me to tell them who they are.  I would love more pictures of all of you just to put in a book for him as he LOVES to look at them and hear about the people in the pictures.

Turner has also really been taking to using his sign-language more and more.  I have been doing it with him since he was little, but he didn't do much with it until now.  I have started to see the little guy that I watch each week starting to mimic it as well.

Turner's first time on roller blades
This little boy is also quite athletic from what I can tell so far.  He is great at throwing a ball and he just tried out roller blading the other day and did so well with that.  Daddy is excited for more of that to come as he likes that type of thing.

We have been working on transitioning our little guy to a big boy bed.  That has been hard for me as he wakes up frequently and comes out.  I like to see his cute face show up, but that cute face soon dissipates when he gets to where that sleep was not enough.

Turner feeding the ducks some
Turner is starting to show a real interest in the potty.  He has gone tinkle a few times.  He will tell me when he is Pooh-pooh and will often go to the bathroom and close the door when he needs to do the job, but we can't seem to do that on the potty yet.

I love the learning and hope to post more frequently when I can remember...I long for a laptop so this job can be done more conveniently...I keep hoping.

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