Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update on Christopher

We have had a little bit of stress since Wednesday. We appreciate all of your prayers for our family since then.

Wednesday we got to the hospital and Jeff was absolutely livid about everything. We threatening to kill the man that messed with his son. I talked with Brandy his new girlfriend to see if there was anything that we could do for them at all. I also tried to encourage Mary(Torrey, Jeff & Greg's mom) that she needs to be careful in what she says to Jeff as he is feeding off of how people are responding right now. Brady agreed with me and tried to encourage her as well.

As were were waiting, we were talking to other family members from Chris' mom's side and were just talking about how it is so unlike Christopher to really jump into a fight. I mentioned he was different from his dad in that way as his dad is ready to fight. It was not said in a derogatory fashion merely stating exactly what he had shown us all. On the other side of the wall was Jeff and Brandy (Which I knew) and Brandy got all over me for it. I then told her that it wasn't a negative reflection of him and I love him as he is. Well, as you can imagine that did not go over well at all. Jeff stayed clear of his family and stayed with Brandy. There were some that were flashing evil eyes I guess as they are not happy about this relationship and that is broke up Jeff and Jess.

The doctors finally came out and told us he was doing well and we could all go see him 2 at a time. This should be a happy moment but again the family went crazy as Jeff and Brandy went in first. Chris' mom didn't get in until about 3rd down the line and then the rest of the Myers' family was getting impatient that it was taking so long. I told all of them that if this was my child that was in there, I wouldn't share the time with anyone at all, so we need to be understanding of that. It is their son and if they need to stay by his side, then they should get to.

As you can imagine, I am not a favorite person here. I never even thought about it until I asked Torrey why his family hated me so. He told me that I challenge people to think correctly and I stand strong for Jesus and his family does not like it at all. I finally told myself that if God can use me right here, then I thank Him for believing that I can make it through this. It isn't easy to be hated at all. I am SOOOOOO thankful for the family I grew up in. I realize that my family is not normal and that the Myers' family is more what normal is for the world.

Everyone left at this time and Mary wanted to wait for Jeff to get back. He called and told her he didn't want us there when he got back as he knows we called the cops on him in May and that I was giving evil eyes at Brandy. Mary was convinced and we were not. We told her that we can't continue to run from what is hard. We told her she has to stand strong for the truth and what we have done was not wrong and that I was not glaring in any way at Brandy.

Nothing happened this night. Jeff didn't talk to me, but I hadn't expected it. I did want to talk to him, but he avoided me so you can't force it.

Thursday Torrey went alone to visit his brother and Chris. I went to a funeral for Jason's (my brother-in-love) Grandfather. This meeting did not go well at all.
Jeff cursed his brother out and threw him out of the room. The whole thing was really about what we had done earlier in the year and that we would do it again because we love the kids and want to protect them even if it is from him. (not fun to hear we realize) Torrey also shared that we do not support what he is doing with Brandy and how it broke up his family and is causing a divorce. He said we were praying and where there for him. He just got upset about the Bible, and how we act better than him and threw him out.

Friday we went over to Mary's for supper and had a time of prayer with her and encouraged her that she can no longer stay silent. She can't take the easy road and be part of what is evil. We told her it will not be easy, but if she doesn't stand for truth, the reality is that her family is going to Hell. They have to see that she is different. We prayed that she would have the strength that she could do what is hard.

We went to the hospital and Torrey and I got there first and when we walked in our niece and nephew wouldn't even talk to us. We knew there were influences there. I kept trying to ask Chris about things and he wouldn't look at me and only supplied one word answers.

When Mary got there, the kids got a little more friendly, and then Jeff and Brandy came in and they were not happy to see us at all. She took the food I had brought and threw it on the ledge with disgust. I just kept trying to talk to them, but there was a heavy oppression that came into the room when they entered. I just prayed and then looked at Torrey and said we needed to go. Jeff and Brandy were cursing about us in the corner and Jeff was telling Brandy he was going to kick us out.

We left and Mary came with. She was very unhappy about what was said and feels more confidence to have a conversation. Just pray that she will approach them in love. They do not know Jesus, so they do not know what they are needing saved from at all.

Our Pastor today talked about sinners and how they have no idea where they are and what they are doing and we as Christians have to take a loving yet firm approach to things. Just keep praying. God is trying to get their attention and Torrey and I know that we represent what they hate right now, so we have to stand aside and pray.

Thank you all that made it to the end of this long post. We are heavy hearted, but not without hope.

Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Blood and Righteousness. AMEN

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  1. I am praying for you all during this spiritual battle. Just remember through all this that your worth is based on WHOSE you are... not on how people treat you. You are loved!