Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prayer for my Hubby and Sprouts

Well, my hubby went to a job fair on Friday and he was very encouraged. He didn't start out that way at all.

As things would have it, he did marry me and nothing seems to be an easy task for me and it appears he is now affected by me in this area.

I printed off the map and several resumes for him as well as cleaned up his brief case so he could go walking in with class, sophistication, pose and confidence. Well, on his way to the location he somehow lost his humor as the directions took him to a beaten down area in Aurora that was a bunch of dilapidated homes.

He called me to find out what was going on, so I checked the website again for the location. It was what I had printed for him, yet it was apparently wrong as the address didn't even exist. (Word to the wise, in the future, when a website posts very small - approximate location - take warning of that)

I gave him the phone number to the store in Broomfield and then I continued to search to find it. Right as I found it I called him, but he was trying to call me. When we connected we both had the new address, so off he went again.

He called me at about 4:50 as I was heading out the door to babysit, but my love was so excited that I had to listen to him.

He went in and at the first phase he handed them his resume. They took one look and ushered him on. This thrilled him as the person right before him they only thanked and said they would be in touch.

He got to the second phase and they asked him if he prefers grocery or produce. He told them that he much prefers the produce area and with that, they sent him on to phase 3.

Phase 3 was an interview with the manager (I think that is who it was) and they really hit it off and they were talking as if he got the job not using "if". He was then asked which location he would want to work at, Parker or Aurora. He said he didn't care - I think because he is so excited about the possibility. I would rather Aurora.

There is another job fair this week in Boulder for the same company. I have been so thrilled with this company and have mentioned it to him on several occasions that I think he should apply.

Please pray with us that God would open a door for him. He desperately needs out of the situation he is in. I think that the Aurora area would be a better fit than Boulder now that I am thinking about it, but as long as he is with people, he will be fine no matter what.

Help us have wisdom as to what we need to do for the added travel time and cost. To me that is minimal if my honey is happy.

For those of you that don't have a Sprouts in your area...check out the site. This store is a GREAT store for produce. They put out 100 flats a week at the Broomfield store with no waste. Torrey's store puts out only 50 flats a week and 1/3 of it is thrown out.

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