Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prayer for our Family

Could you all be praying for our family right now...and by Our, I mean the Myers side.

I will try to make this a short story.

We got a call today that our Nephew Christopher was being flown to Saint Anthony's Central and was going in for brain surgery. We had heard he had been attacked on a walk.

We dropped off our little man and went down to pick up Torrey's mom and take her with us.

When we got there it was entertaining to say the least. PLEASE PLEASE be praying.

Christopher and Breeann had gone for a walk to 7-11 on Monday night at 11:30pm. When the passed a liquor store some adult man came out and suggested he was going to rape Breeann so Christopher defended his sister and the guy got upset with him and his LA shirt and ripped his shirt off of him and hit him in the head.

Christopher went to his mom's house (he has been staying with his Grandma due to his dad and step-mom getting a divorce currently). I guess he had headaches Tuesday and Wednesday and was taking every medication he could think of to help and kept blacking out.

His dad went to check on him today and found him unconscious. He took him to Saint Anthony's North and he stopped breathing. They put tubes in and took him by helicopter to Central. He went right into surgery. After surgery we found out that he had a skull fracture and a massive hematoma. The hematoma was so large and his brain so swollen that it caused his pupil to rupture. They are hopeful but still not certain if there is brain damage. They said he might regain use of his eye, but they might not. The next few days will reveal things.

While we were there people were pointing fingers all over the place and doing so in front of Breeann. This poor little girl saw the whole thing and I am sure is hurting and blaming herself and now she is listening to her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc plan and attack her parents. It was so upsetting. And then the step-mom who has raised Christopher since he was 4 or 5 couldn't even come to the hospital because her husband is with another lady. This lady was their loan officer that was trying to help them get a house for their family and instead put claims on Jeff.

anyway...all of this blew up as noone there is liking this new lady and Jeff thinks that I was looking at her evil (which I wasn't...just asking what we could do, she actually attacked me later with something I said).

to top it off, Jeff is also mad for something we did earlier this year to protect his children.

The family is at war and hurting and we know that it is Jesus trying to get their attention and their hearts. They have never liked me at all and that is hard. I don't like to be hated, but if God can use me to win them to Jesus, let them hate me.

Please pray for Christopher to heal both in his heart and his head. He is very receptive to things right now and asking for people to love him. Also pray for Breeann as she is hurting too and because hers is internal, people are not thinking of her, so help me to love on her. Also pray that we can be used to show them Jesus the perfect light and healer and lover of their soul.

What a night...I am worn out and yet invigorated at the same time and tomorrow looks to be exhausting as well so pray for strength for us.

sorry for the LONG, short story and the ramble.


  1. oh i am so sorry this happened and i will be praying. please keep us updated!

  2. Oh, my dear Lynette. Please know that you are loved out here in Cali.

    In a time of need, I can't think of anyone else I would want to have my back.

    Your family, especially Christopher and Breenan, will be im my thoughts and prayers.

    I love and miss you, my dear friend.


  3. Oh, Lynette!
    I am praying very much.

    The little book by Jim Berg When Trouble Comes is a gentle, sensitive book that helps point people to Jesus in times of crisis... it was given to fire fighters and police and many in New York after 9/11. I know it costs money, but it might be a possible gift book during this tough time for them. I am so glad you shared the situation so people can be praying. I will pray especially that Christopher will recover completely from the brain injury. You are loved, and I agree - you have been called to this family for such a time as this.