Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Turner's Second Day of Visitors

Casey and Logan came to visit with their daddy who hadn't seen Turner yet and Logan and Casey decided to take a ride in my bed. Logan knew things about the bed that I had never even investigated. He had the bed going HIGH in the air. They just sat there enamored with themselves.

This is my protective brother-in-law and it was so much fun to watch him fall in love with our son. He looked at him with such adoration.

I love my family and how much we care for each other. There is nothing better than family that love the Lord.

Here is Papa and he can never seem to get enough. He has learned the tricks of the other baby hogs so he knows how to avoid loosing control of his holding time.

Christopher is such my shy boy and when he came for a visit, Miss Judy was there and he wasn't sure how to act. On top of that, Ocho is my little observant and protective little boy. I don't think he liked seeing me in the hospital bed as he even tried to avoid me and not make eye contact.

We did finally get Ocho to hold him before he left, but it didn't last long. He is still new too so Ocho is shy with him.

Adrianna loves babies and always wants to hold them but doesn't want to do it for very long. She is a little mommy, so I am sure she will hog the babies more and more.

Miss Judy has been a friend of the family for so long and she came to visit our cute little boy. It was nice to see her as she is so excited for us.

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