Monday, November 3, 2008

More Details on our Miracle from God.

Here is the first picture of the three of us (well the first picture where I am not "strapped" down to a board. I look atroucious, but hopefully everyone can be understanding. I just spend 48 hours in labor only to end up in a c-section. The greatest thing is that my son is alive and he was smart enough not to come down or he could have choked himself. God's provisions for us are so amazing and as sad as I was to have a c-section, we prayed and knew that God had a reason and figured he would make it clear to us. And he did. Our little boy had the cord around his neck twice and he was facing up (so now my tail bone HURTS)

How wonderful is this picture? It is a picture of the man that I pledged to love holding onto the hand of the boy that we created with the help of God. I love seeing my man's ring on his finger and knowing he is committed to me and now to our son as well. It is one of the most attractive pictures to me. Granted, I am a bit nostalgic right now.

My darling love Torrey is visting our new precious boy and presenting to him my baby blanket that my Aunt Bev made for me when I was a baby. My love was excited to do it and has been so cute that our son was born one minute earlier in the day than I was. He finds that piece of information far more exciting than I do, but it shows his heart and love. There is a whole new side of my husband emerging in this that just makes me love him more and more. Now I just have to practice showing him better. I have been so tired and has caused me to act very sinful and selfish, so all of you pray for me so I can better love the wonderful man that God has provided to me for such a time as this.

Here is the actual first family photo with our very beautiful and magnificent son. Here is part of why I look so great in the above photo, but even though I look terrible, it is so great to know that it just doesn't matter at all. We have a wonderful boy that we can hold because we turned to God to guide us in the decision we need to make and gave us great advisers, prayer support and peace at a moment where we had to make a hard decision that was not about what we wanted but what would be best for Turner.

This is my friend Michele. God blessed us on our second night in the hospital with this wonderful lady that I felt was a friend right from the start. There was something truly special about her and her spirit. I didn't find out until close to the end of her shift that she was a Christian, but it explained so much about her. She was able to share her story with us and I shared some of ours. She was disappointed to have to leave us as she wanted to help us with the birth. Well, God knew that I needed her because when I labored the whole next day and had to decide on a c-section, I asked if she was working and if I could request her as my nurse. She was working and I got to have her there with me. She wasn't really directly attending to me but just knowing she was in the room when Torrey and Amy were with Turner helped me to relax as well as knowing I had her and Dr. Yeash as my Christian support group in the operating room. I love God...He sure provides for us more than we every truly imagine. She was going to try to bring in her little one to see our little one as her daughter always gets so excited to hear what babies her mom "made" that day and what they named her babies. I was also so encouraged that Michele wanted to even trade emails with me before I checked out of here. Thank you God for your provisions of friendship at times when you aren't thinking you are looking for or needing a friend.
Here is my sister holding her newest nephew. She and her husband sacrificed a lot so that Amy could be there with us. I felt so bad that she spent 2 days at the hospital and I couldn't even progress to allow her to see a birth. Then when I found we had to have a c-section I didn't think she would be able to go since they typically only let your spouse in. Well, again, God was all over this as they allow the anesthesiologist to decide and then one I had says the more the merrier, so she got to be in there. She actually watched them do the whole thing and not sit up by my head which is where I expected her to be as she never likes the "gorey" things. I am pretty sure that my sister might be crying in this picture. She surprised me a few times during the day that when I was crying, she was crying along with me. I love her so much and am thankful that God brought our relationship to such a great place. Growing up I never really liked her much as I was made at her for taking my Daddy's heart from me.
Here is Auntie Amy holding Turner for the first time. I knew that she needed to head home to be with her family soon and then realized that she hadn't held him yet and I didn't want her to have to wait like I did with Logan.

It was such a joy to have Amy there with us and I am thankful that she was willing to give her time away from her family. My relationship with Amy went to a whole new level experiencing this with her, at least that is how I feel.
This is the first outfit that Turner got to wear that wasn't something the hospital put on him. As you see it says the World's Cutest Baby Boy and we believe that, just look at him.

I couldn't take seeing him wearing a shirt on his bottom side anymore so I used one of the outfits we brought with us and had Torrey bring more in since we were going to be there longer than we thought.

I didn't have my good camera with me, but thought I would pose him a bit and get some shots. I caught him with his eyes open his fat little face. Just a kissable little boy.

Here are the proud grandparents with the newest addition. We have currently provided my parents with a half dozen special little people.

As you can see, not much has changed with my dad. He still continues to hog the babies. The only person that might be worse than my dad would by my little Logan followed by my dear husband.

Here is Uncle Kelly with his newest nephew. He informed me that he has never seen a baby with fat eyelids, but our little Turner does have fat everything.

Kelly agreed that Turner had my mouth, although he said the only thing that made it appear to not be mine was that Turner's was closed. Nice brother, huh? Actually my brother was very protective during the whole pregnancy. I am not used to that side of him, but I do get to see it every once in a while.

Here is my little Boo Bear Logan. He climbed up into bed with me to tell me he sure had missed me and that he loved me. It was a very special moment as Logan has had a hard time thinking of his Nette as having a baby. We tried to talk about it and he often would just change the subject. I was so concerned because I didn't want him to think that he would still not be Nette's special little boy. This was the reassurance that I needed, this and that he just adores Turner and can't get enough of him.

While Turner was being held by the Auntie's, I had all the kids climb up into bed with me. I love my little people so much, but I must say having them all in bed with me scared me a bit because if they started to fall I didn't have the strength to catch them. They all help pretty still except Casey, but we never expect him to hold still or be free of owies for that matter.

I am a very blessed Auntie and feel so honored that I had to opportunity to just be an Auntie to several of them before I added the title of Wife and mother.

Amy getting another moment with the little boy that she watched come into this world. It is absolutely a whole different experience to watch then to be doing. I loved watching my nephews arrive. It was a beautiful moment that I will cherish forever.

Delivering my son was a moment as well, but due to be under drugs, it will be a moment that will be hard to remember because I was hardly awake to even get my first look at that fat little baby they showed me.

Casey had to have a moment with Turner too. He doesn't hold still quite as long as his brother does when he holds them. Casey has a fascination with little eyes, so you have to watch that he doesn't poke to hard. Casey also love to kiss the babies. He just kept walking by and giving him kisses.

Logan needed his turn with the baby. Simon was holding the girafee, but Casey had to go get it from him and give it back to Turner because they bought it for him. So Logan had the giraffe kissing Turner along with him.

I am not sure there is a picture that can melt my heart more.

The blanket on my son was mine when I was a baby. My Aunt Bev made it for me and I wanted to have it with me at the hospital.
Auntie Nina had her time with Turner and as you can see she has all the kids hovering as they are wanting to swoop in and take her special time too.

Nina loves the fat on babies and she didn't have to wait very long to see fat on ours since he came out with chunky cheeks, arms, shoulders and legs.

Another sweet picture where Logan had to check in on Turner to make sure he was okay. Had he been able to reach over the top of this, he would have freed Turner. Instead, he came over to me to ask if he could hold him.

Auntie Nina loves FAT babies and last week at my ultrasound I saw Turner's face for the first time and noticed he had the FATTEST cheeks ever. Well, my little boy did not stop with just fat cheeks, he already has rolls on his legs and arms. My brother said his eyes are even fat.

The love of my life is so completely enamored by his little life he created. He is just absolutely beaming over him. He is already such a good daddy that it brings joy to my heart to see him so happy about this precious little life. I have truly a blessed lady to know how much Torrey will look to God for direction to try to lead our little family. Everyday becomes less of me and more for God and my family. God is really showing me how much I liked control and how little I need to be in control. Hard lessons, but great to learn and so helpful to walk through it knowing my husband is such a good leader and caretaker of me. Even when I don't always want to see it. I can be very selfish.


  1. Lynette, how wonderful to see and hear you share the blessings of God upon your dear family! Thrilled for you all, and praising Him!

  2. It was a great experience for me, as well. One that I would never have wanted to miss. Yes, I did cry with you during the day. My heart was broken for you when you had to go through the one thing you really didn't want. It was completely mended, though, when that little boy came out.