Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Turner's Going home and his Halloween Costume

Here is the farmer with his pumpkin crop.

Is this too cute or what? I am still uncertain as to why my dad dressed up. It is not at all like him and no other adult dressed up this night.

It was fun seeing him as a farmer holding our little pumpkin. It was also uncanny how much he reminded me of my Grandpa Larson.

My friends Heather and Kristal came by to get a look at our little bundle of joy and to bring him a present. It was nice to visit with them for a while as I haven't seen them and really had a chance to visit in quite some time.

Time flies so fast when you get married and I am seeing it goes even faster when you add one of these little people.

On our way home from the hospital we stopped at Safeway (where Torrey works) to put in for my prescriptions and to let Torrey show off his little boy.

When we got there I saw this stack of pumpkins and the scarecrow and told Torrey we had to put our little guy in the pumpkins and get a picture. Can hardly see the cute guy, but it is a fun shot anyway.

Torrey took a picture of the flowers that I got while I was in the hospital. The only flowers that I am not seeing here are the ones that my Logan and Casey made for us. They were so cute and excited to share them with us. Casey made one for Torrey and Logan made one for me.

This is Turner's going home outfit. He was holding a Mountain Dew for his dad.

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