Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Turner's First Bath

Turner was not a fan of his first bath at all, although I don't think I have ever seen a new baby enjoy their first bath. Since you can't put them in the warm water, they cool off just too fast.

Here I am giving Turner a chicken top. I remember my mom doing this to us when we would get a bath.

After Turner was all clean we bundled him up to get all warm and let him have his froggy. This is the coolest pacifier I have ever seen. A friend of mine gave this to him and the frog is sewn to the handle and this frog keeps the pacifier from falling on the floor when Turner spits it out. It is a great idea that gives him a little friend. Turner will often reach up and hold froggy with one of his hands.

I was brushing his hair and he really seemed to like it. What I noticed as I was brushing it is that he has some little curls in his hair. He might have gotten one other thing of mom's. I guess we will see if he keeps that. I am very curious to see what color of hair he will end up with.

Once Turner was all cleaned, dressed and groomed I just had to smell him up. There is hardly anything better to smell than a baby after his bath. Baby breathe is a close second I think.

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