Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Day of Church

There is a guy at church that makes this stork and bear for all the new babies. On the way in the house he lost a leg and a wing, but we had to take a picture with it.

We took Turner to church this last Sunday and most people were surprised to see us already since I had a c-section. I am just not someone that wants to sit still, and I feel so much better when I can move about. PLUS, we had a cute little boy that we wanted to show off and I had invited us over to my sister's house after church so that she could hold her little nephew.

When her first little one was born (Logan), I was in the room for the delivery and never really got to hold him till he got home and even then had to make sure to time the visits when no one else was there or I wouldn't get time. I didn't want Amy to have that, so invited us over. My sister is so good about that. They typically invite us most Sunday's anyway so I figured she wouldn't care.

Here is the funny story about that day though. After we ate and I feed Turner, I mentioned that I was going to go upstairs and nap with Logan since I have a babysitter to watch Turner. When I came down from my nap, Turner was in Daddy's arms and Amy was sleeping so I asked what happened. Here is the story from both perspectives with some added information from me wh understands both of these people.

Torrey's Side:
When I went upstairs to nap he asked Amy if she needed a break. Torrey didn't want Amy to feel that she had to watch him while I rested. Amy then gave Turner to Torrey.

Amy's Side:
Torrey asked if Amy needed a break and what she heard was a daddy that wanted her son and Amy is not one to keep the babies from the men because she, like me, love to see our men connect with their children.

So, now I have to set up another time for her to have Turner only time. I told her that Torrey goes back to work next week so we can setup some time when I can drive again to hang out.

Dad and Cristina have come over to our home for their alone time so that no one can take them. It is so funny to see that people want to do this. I know that I did this with all the kids and thought nothing of it, but now watching others come over to just stare and hold him seems so funny to watch. It is a lovely feeling though that he is loved so much already.

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