Friday, September 5, 2008

My New Project

I remember very fondly my grandma having rag rugs in her house. While her's were nothing to look at and drab in color, they bring me good memories of simple things.

I decided I wanted to try to figure out how to do a rag rug for Turner's room to have the antique, heritage look to things. I was able to acquire all the material from people on freecycle and found some instructions online and began my course.

I did divert a bit as my grandma's rag rugs where the kind wrapped around cording and I decided that I wanted to try crocheting one since that is something I know and doesn't require me to spend any extra money on supplies.

I spent last night cutting the strips of fabric with my little helpers and then after they were down in bed, I started crocheting. Here is where my project is at now and I am liking it so far. The colors are not exact to the room, but that isn't bothering me a ton. Even if I use it for a few days and move it to a new spot, it didn't cost me anything and was fun to do it.

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