Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dominick's 1st Birthday at the Zoo

Two weeks ago Torrey and I went to the zoo after church to celebrate our great nephews first birthday. Since we were going we borrowed Logan and Casey to come with and enjoy the festivities. We had them for the evening the night before and just decided to keep them with us. My sister likes to tell people that getting me to watch them is never the problem, it is getting them back from me.

Torrey was in charge of the camera so we didn't get the best shot of all with Dominick. He had cake and frosting all over his face. He was not shy about it at all.

Logan and Casey wanted to take some pictures while we were at the zoo as well. My favorite is the one of the Jaguar and it is purely because Casey called it a Jagaflyer. We still laugh about it.

We also watched a busy little monkey that reminded us of Casey. This crazy guy would stick his head through the fence. I was sure he was going to get out and follow us.

Casey and Logan were quite enthralled with the Gaint Lizard (I have totally forgot his real name at this time). The boys got right up next to the window and they were sticking their tongue out at him to see if he would do it too. Right as the boys got close to the window, the Lizard turned his head to look right at them.

Logan was very excited to see the Mountain Goats and had to take a picture. Casey was certain they were Argon his dog.

I need to buy some kiddie cameras for these boys. They really love to have a camera in their hand and I want to encourage that creativity.

It was a very long day and weekend for me and by the time I got home I crashed hard. I was having contractions at the zoo and I am sure it was due to it being really hot and not having enough water.

It was a great weekend with family.

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