Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Boy Turner

My visit to the doctor was a bit of a surprise. I am very aware that my child has grown, but I haven't seen a picture of him for a couple months and was SHOCKED when my doctor captured a picture of his head. It was GIANT. I freaked out and the doctor asked how far was I again. I told him I was at 31 and he said, "oh, that is so much better." He had down that I was at 29 weeks. He did say that his head is still large but not concerning. While he was checking out his head, he caught a picture of the ear and as I was looking at it I was amazed at how much his ear looks just like his dad's from the back. It was crazy and cool.

Pretty much all the measurements are showing us 2 weeks ahead. He checked the size of the head, the size of the stomach and the length of the femur as well as calculated the weight which is coming in at 4 pounds 12 ounces so far. Oh, he also measured my uterus which is coming in at the same calculations as well.

My doctor said that the baby is appearing a bit large but since everything is calculating the same distance ahead he isn't too shook. He said my sugar's are looking good as well as my blood pressure. He also said that I am doing great on my weight which I will break down for you. During the first part of the pregnancy, I lost 17 pounds. The doctor put in the chart my starting weight 3 lbs higher than what I completely had lost. So based on his starting weight I have gained 8 pounds, but according to my loss I have gained 11. I am still down by 6 pounds in all accounts and am thrilled with that. It is giving me hope that I might end up less than I started and that I will kick the diabetes and get into better shape for Jesus, Torrey, Turner and our future children.

So, there you have it. I think that is all there is outside the fact that I am SCARED to DEATH at the size of the head and am now wondering about drugs which I really want to avoid.

Oh, those of you that are reading...what do you think about taking a Childbirth preparation class? Did any of you? was it helpful?

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  1. Definately take a childbirth class...

    Both of you!

    Laurie B.