Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama & Opression

Well, I am working in the middle of the DNC and getting home tonight was fun. AS I rode the bus to catch my next bus, my heart was filled with sadness as I saw how people that do not know THE truth can be so easily led astray wanting to believe what isn't there.

There is so much oppression in the city and it can be felt. I spent the time on the bus just praying for God to be merciful to us as a nation and help the Christian's stand strong. There are so many that claim to be Christians that really hurt the name of Christ and there are some of those downtown this week as well.

My heart was saddened as I listened to people on the bus ride down talk about how Obama being the messiah and Obama being the truth and Obama being the light. Now, while they are able to have free speech it made me sad to think that the first amendment is live and active as long as you are not proclaiming the name of Jesus. Just as soon as I was thinking that, there was a Christian group protesting civilly against Obama and the people on the bus booed them and bashed the Christians.

Oh how sad to see what is happening yet at the same time joyful to know that God is in control and none of this has caught Him by surprise and that in the end, those that have accepted Him will NOT Perish.


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