Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Marriage is about Jesus

I am learning so much about marriage and how some of my ideas of what marriage is were so far off.

Torrey is the love of my life and I cannot imagine not being with him, but there are days where I wonder how to take the next step. It is on those days that I know that I need more of Jesus.

Torrey is human and will continue to disappoint and hurt me and I am wrong to think he can be my all, but it is so easy to take the man you love and put him so high on a pedestal that they can do nothing but fail you.

God is the only one that will never leave us or forsake us, so what am I thinking to not turn to him first to better understand the man He has provided me.

I can tell you that I have that in mind more and more each day. The best thing that I can do for my handsome Torrey is to love Jesus more with each day.

I am so thankful for the many truths and encouragements and even the admonishments He provides me in His word. I have so much to learn and I appreciate going to Jesus and having Him tell me where I am failing and what I need to correct rather than assume that it is always my love's fault. It is also much easier to hear it from Jesus than to hear it from Torrey. Why is that? no idea.

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