Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We Reserve the Right to Change the Name.

Well, after talking this last weekend we really thought about the name and we are changing it. Only slightly however.

The Name is now Turner David Bruce and below is information on that name. We really want to name our children in such a fashion that their very name embodies a heritage that we can pass to them. Our goal is to include in their baby book the reasons and thoughts behind why they have each name.

Origin: English
Meaning: One who crafts objects using a lathe; Worker of wood

Turner was picked by Torrey. One day he looked at me and said he liked Turner. I looked at him sideways with perplexity and asked if he knew that Turner was my mother's Maiden name. He was not aware, but we both likened ourselves to that name due to it having an interesting family connection.

The meaning doesn't seem terribly interesting, but if you know my husband, looking at the fact that Turner means a worker of wood, my husband instantly goes to the fact that Jesus was a carpenter and worked with wood thus he can be tied to our Father.

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Beloved

David is from my side of the family and is after my Father and my Brother. I wanted to have a family/friend name that was influential in my life and who was more than my brother and my father? We also really liked that the name meant Beloved. We know that Turner is God's special blessing to us and is His beloved that we get love and nurture in this life and hopefully lead him into a saving knowledge of his heavenly Father.

Origin: Scottish/English
Meaning: A Scottish surname which was originally a Norman baronial place name. In the 14th century, Robert the Bruce became king of Scotland, after liberating the country from England; Bush, Woodlands

Bruce is from Torrey's side. He has a very influential friend and mentor that has brought much guidance and friendship to his life. Everything I have heard about Bruce makes me thrilled to have our child carry his name and know that he loves the Lord and serves him daily and loves his family and you can see that in how Torrey describes his children's behavior. You cannot have good kids without parents that care and love Jesus, at least we have never seen it yet.

There is nothing necessarily in the meaning that makes it stand out to us, but everything in the character of the man we are naming him after.

The baby name adviser tells us that we should name him Gavin. Interesting name and one that I had mentioned liking.

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  1. This is so sweet. Little Turner is going to be a lucky guy. Of course, now you've got a choice... either take the girl stuff back, or keep trying for a girl.

  2. We will keep the girl stuff and put it in our hope chest/gift closet. It will not go to waste at all.