Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life's little turn of events Part 2

So, I thought I would continue the story about the refrigerator because it didn't end once we ordered it.

We had Eric come and deliver the fridge and we were the first delivery of the day. He arrived at 8:10 and pulled out the dead fridge and brought in the new one. He got it in and all set up and looks at me and said that it is just a little too tall. I looked at him and said, "You've got to be kidding me." But alas, he was right. I looked and it was such a little bit off that it was like it was taunting me.

You do what you think is right to get things right and measure and remeasure and ask and ask and get the reassurance and then trust.

So, here we are with a fridge that is in, quiet and getting cold and I cannot get it back into the space no matter what we do.

I determine that I am going to go get my dad's sander and take the fraction off the cabinets to get it in. Who will notice up that high and who will care since the size of the fridge is pretty standard....Plus, we are the ones living here now and we have to make it work for us and not ruin it, mind you, but work.

I go to my parents to get the sander and it is not where my dad has it labeled on the cabinet so I call him and he informs me that he will have to bring it over later. Totally understandable but frustrating at the same close but yet so far.

I came back home and continued in my visit with my friend from High School when I recalled that my dad had put a piece of Masonite under the old fridge to try to make the floor level with my hardwood so that the fridge would slide out better....well, we don't need a slide out, but a slide in, so removal of the Masonite is in order.

The Masonite is out and the fridge is in...all food is back and the day is almost gone and still I did not finish my love's gift.

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