Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anniversary Presents and Outings

For our anniversary I wanted to do something special for us both as well as try to stick with something traditional for the first anniversary (paper). I decided that since I have not had time to edit all our pictures so that also means that we have none ordered or hanging on the wall that I would take one of my favorites and get it oil painted and change up the picture display in our house. I ordered this done and they sent it to me within a few days as well as upgraded it to a larger size for free and I used a coupon to get 20% off as well. I was very pleased with the results and think the display will be great once I finish it up.

I decided to try to wrap it on the wall and had it all done up nice when right when Torrey pulled up from work the whole display fell off the picture. I quickly had to put it all back up and determined to listen to my sister and allow him to open it early as he would either get to do it or wake up and find it done for him. He read his card first and then unveiled it and just stared at it for a while. I think he was pleased with what he saw. He really didn't say much.

Torrey whisked me away Sunday afternoon up to Longmont to stay at the Raddison. It was a HUGE room that had a nice big jet tub. He knows how much I have wanted to just sit and soak in a tub during my pregnancy and our tub is works, but this was a nice treat. With this room he also bought a romantic package that was dinner for two followed by champagne and strawberries. He was disappointed in this part as they did not have the champagne nor strawberries in the room as they were supposed to and when he went to ask for the champagne, he felt bad asking for the strawberries too. I have a very sensitive hearted man.

Our supper was nice as we were one of the only ones out on the patio and had some very tasty food. They didn't have cheesecake to finish up the meal, but we didn't need it as I had a special treat in our room for later anyway.

Before we ordered I asked to go back to the room and was able to bring Torrey his medication to help throw off what I was up to. I went back and set up the basket that I had put together filled with some of his favorite treats and then a basket full of things to give my honey a special treat from head to toe.

When I got back, we ordered and he had a nice juicy steak and I got some tuna. They both were very good but we were unable to finish them.

Torrey needed to make a phone call after we were done (which I am still uncertain what that was for), so I went back to the room to draw him a bath and to setup 7 candles (for our month/year we got married and for the perfect number).

When Torrey got back, I washed his hair and then did a massage that ended on his feet. If any of you know me, I HATE feet so much. My honey's feet had been hurting and so much stress can be released in a foot massage. My dear man was so relaxed and I felt so happy. He got my undivided attention for more than 2 hours where I just pampered him as best I could.

The other fun thing to the room was that it had a sleep number bed and FEATHER PILLOWS. I always bring mine with whenever I leave home and I didn't even need it as they had a bed full of pillows. I have not slept so well in a long time. I don't even think that I remember waking up to use the bathroom.

The next morning we slept in and enjoyed the garden area at the hotel. When we left, Torrey took me to Joe's Crab shack for lunch and then we went by Hallmark where he spent tons of time looking for things.

After we left there we came home for a bit to take a nap. I can hardly make it through a day without a little nap. When we woke up, he had one more thing planned for me. He took me to Carrabba's for supper. He knows it is one of my all time favorites. We had such a nice conversation and time together.

When we got home, he lavished me with the gifts that you see in this picture. (still not knowing what the phone call was about and still being told there is something that he hasn't done/given me man likes to delay things and it drives me nuts as I want to know.

We enjoyed one of the Hallmark movies that he got for me and crashed for a wonderful first anniversary.

The below picture is one of the gifts he got me that is for Turner. I also gave him a gift that goes towards Turner's room as well. The basket that all his stuff was in I thought we could use in there for his laundry or just to organize his things.

Once I know what the phone call was all about or what is still to come, I will update you all.

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