Saturday, June 14, 2008

Myer's Workday

The 14th of June was our turn for the family workday. We just recently instituted the practice where the larger family would help each family out each month to make the tasks less daunting. So far it has been successful and oh so helpful.

We pretended to celebrate mom's birthday as well. It was her day and she had other plans. We have never done that and I think that is why the rest of the family stayed as we don't know how to not hang out all day for a birthday.

My sister and I hope to set up monthly cooking next. I think we are converting to some of the Amish traditions of family and friends helping each other out in the cooking, cleaning, barn raising, etc. I am really enjoying it and what helps is that I love my family.

Our workday was the longest day so far. It has been agreed that everyone will show up at 8:30 for a breakfast by the host family and then workday would start at 9 and go till 12. Everyone left our house at 7. Torrey was the first to leave and was given a load of flack for it, but he was scheduled to work even after putting the date on the calendar asking for it off. I didn't feel like I did much to help with the workday at all. I pretty much was the gopher and the cook. I didn't feel as organized as I should and I can definitely tell how pregnancy pulls from your energy as I was gone. The day before I had my nephews over to spend the night and spend the day with them. I had to lay down and take a nap while they were there which I don't typically do.

Even a few of the kids got in on the action. Little Casey LOVES to help and is such a fun little one to be around. Little Miss Adrianna was helping Auntie Amy with the windows as well. Casey and Adrianna usually just bug each other and they did a good job helping until they moved on to their next task.

Casey was helping Grandma in the back for a while and Adrianna was helping her Mommy too. Christopher and Logan helped Uncie Kelly pick up the twigs from the tree.

Here are the things that we accomplished.
- Windows Washed
- Scraping/Priming/Painting/Caulking the back porch
- Trimming the dead branches off the tree - the poor tree looks so sad now but much healthier
- Bathrooms cleaned
- Swamp Cooler setup and rewired for the water feed
- Baseboards washed
- Floors Vacuumed
- Kitchen Swept
- Wood Pile stacked from the tree
- Scraped/Filled/Primed/laid the floor in the vanity
- Weeds pulled
- Yard edged and trimmed

Here are some things that didn't completed:
- Flooring in the vanity area in the master bedroom
- Weeds - this is NEVER done

Here are the things we didn't get to:
- Cleaning out the gutters
- Fixing the water leak damage in the basement

I am pretty sure there is more to the list, but we got so much done and I was worn out at the end.

When Torrey got home he walked in the door and wondered what was wrong with me. I told him that everyone had just left and he was in shock. I told him that I was so tired that I couldn't move and everything hurt, but fortunately I was so numb that I couldn't feel anything. He had to help me to bed that night and my husband saved the day because he came walking in the door with an arrangement of flowers containing two of my favorites.


  1. We were tired at the end of this day, but we did accomplish a bunch. David and I left around 4:30 or 5:00. You should have kicked the rest of them out !

  2. I keep forgetting about your blog so I'm catching up. I've always loved the togetherness of the Amish. How wonderful you guys are sharing that.