Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's day for Torrey

Well, like Mother's Day, Father's Day did not turn out quite as I expected, but it was very nice.

After church we went over to my sister's to have pot roast with my dad. We stayed and chatted and held little Simon for a while and then Torrey and I needed to leave so that we could prepare for VBS, soccer and have our own time together.

I had planned on making him a meal, but the events of the family work day at our house had me wiped out so I didn't get everything for Torrey done. I was glad that I had gotten the shopping done that I needed for the day.

Torrey and I had a great afternoon together. We sat outside in our swing and just talked. It was nice to have a day with him and discuss our future and our past and our hopes and dreams for our little one. We were both able to conclude that we really want me home and we will do whatever it takes so that we raise and nurture our child and not anyone else (not that there are not others that influence our child as we have a great family).

Torrey's gift was odd to some from what I heard, but it was totally my husband. He ended up crying (which isn't anything odd for him) after he read the card from the baby. He usually cries after he reads the card from the dog, but not this time. I think the Dog might officially be become only a dog.

Oh, and yes there is an I Love Mommy outfit in there, but it was a buy one get one free and so far we have no Mommy things and tons of Daddy things. :D


  1. Goodness, you aren't going to leave anything for the rest of us to buy ! (although, I do have a little stash of things in the closet, hee hee)

  2. Very cute. Torrey is a sentimental guy for sure, but it is cute. Nice to see a guy not afraid of showing emotion.