Thursday, June 12, 2008

A backyard addition

We do not have a large backyard so have been trying to figure out ways to make it enjoyable for the adults, kids and pets.

I have been watching on Craig's list for a little tykes house. I am a fan of their stuff as it holds up well. I have a climbing/slide structure that I have had for 7 years and it has held up well. I haven't had it at my house for the last 5 as my little Logan needed something to play on. He now has a BIG backyard, a swing set of his own and 2 brothers that keep him occupied as well as a sandbox and a garden (which he planted so he could give to the food to people in need - This little boy is being used by God already and I love to watch it.)

They will be giving it back to us as soon as we can remember to take our truck there and pick it up.

We have set up the side yard for the kids. To me it looks like a little fairy tale house. I want to get some dishes and chairs for the house that can stay outside. There is sand underneath as I had the sandbox their prior, but thought it might be good to not move the sand since I watch My Niece and Nephews play with theirs and the sand from the sandbox always makes its way in there...I saved them a step.

We moved the sandbox up the hill and behind the house where there are a couple riding toys and wagon. The slide will go off to the side of both of those at some point and it should be pretty entertaining. I HOPE.

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  1. It is far and few between that I am able to check your blog, but my oh my it so much FUN when I do! I get so excited in anticipation of seeing how much your sweet baby-to-be has grown! You are so blessed to have all of your loved ones nearby! I truly enjoy seeing ALL of you! Lucy B of Indy