Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quad Screen

We found out today that our Quad screen came back completely normal. That is a huge praise as far as I am concerned.

They were going to schedule my nuchal fold after they found out these results, but they said nothing about it and I didn't think to ask, so we don't have the scheduled.

I hope to schedule another ultrasound for the first part of July to find out what we are having so we can begin calling them by their name.

I am going through a very personal experience here with my little one and I hate not being able to talk to them using their name or son or daughter. I think it will be a whole new reality check when I am able to do this.

I know Torrey was talking to the baby the other day and called her our daughter as he really feels that is what we are having. That is the first time daughter was said and it was a take back.

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  1. I thought you had to be 26 weeks before they would tell you the sex of the child. Glad "the little blessing" is is so comforting to a mommy to feel that