Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To be or not to be a Produce Head Clerk?

Torrey approached his Produce Manager yesterday and asked him if he would like a head clerk as this store does not currently have one.

His manager said that he would love one but it is up to Bob (the store manager). Torrey went and talked with him and he wants to give Torrey the job, but has to check with corporate to make sure they will approve it. (have to love business politics)

What does this mean - well it means a little more money, more possibility, and a better chance of GUARANTEED full time hours.

Please be praying with us as he pursues this. He has been so excited at this new store. They absolutely love him and are singing his praises. He is trying to keep himself on the ground but it has been hard for as many praises that are ringing his name. He has received some special recognitions and gift certificates as well as they have done a great job of giving him as many hours as they can since he was asked if he wanted 40. The lowest he has had was 36, but was called in that week for an extra 2.

God has been good to encourage my man. He has needed it so bad and am thrilled with how he is doing and how encouraged he feels.

continue to pray for us as we figure out how to be married. It still has its moments and we are trying to figure out how to do better at being each other's best friend.

thanks for all the prayers already and the encouragement.

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