Thursday, May 1, 2008

Most amazing sound I have ever heard

Today I went to the doctor because I felt like my cold had turned into bronchitis. It did in fact and was put on yet another medication. At the end of filling out all the prescriptions for me and one for Torrey, we paid $78. OUCH.

The fun part about the appointment is that while I was there my doctor wanted to check for a heartbeat. He said it still might be too soon, but he just wanted to check. I was very excited to hear as well, yet was bummed because Torrey was not with me. I didn't think they would check as I was there for my lungs.

It did upset Torrey as he wanted to hear it. I tried to explain the experience as best I could, but it is like trying to explain what it feel like to feel the baby now. That was an odd experience as well.

I told him that hearing the heartbeat was like hearing a normal heart pounding under water. When I explained the feel of the baby, I told him it is like if you had your finger inside a water wienie (which he didn't know what that was) and having someone outside it touch it. Since that connection didn't work, I made him hide under the comforter and scratched on the top of it. He said it felt like flutters or butterfly wings. I told him that is almost exactly how I would describe what I was feeling.

Anyway, back to the heartbeat. Dr. Yeash didn't hear it right away and I wasn't concerned since he said we might not, but after a little bit, we did hear it and his response is that this one is a live an active one and for today we have a girl as the heart rate was 163. My family seems to think that is what I am having. I have felt that as well, but I think mostly because I know how badly Torrey would love a girl.

Here is a link to hear a heartbeat if you have never had the opportunity. Heart Beat

Now for the title of most amazing sound. I have heard some great sounds in my life like the Nephews and Niece saying my name for the first time, or them saying they love me, or Torrey saying he wanted to marry me and live his life with me, but this was amazing as well. Hard to say it was better, bit it was my child...Each day becomes more real and the love just grows.

On Sunday I had a great experience to fall more for my child too when I watched the Louie Giglio video of How Great is our God. If you haven't seen it, you absolutely must.

Wow, this was one of the most wandering post I think I have ever done. My head just has so many thoughts and I am so thrilled with God in so many ways. His love has me on my face amazed and falling in love with Him more.


  1. Aaron was also not able to hear the heart beat teh first time. I had no clue they were going to do it at that apt. We made sure he was able to go to the next apt. and hear it. I am sure Torey will still enjoy when he can hear.

  2. I remember hearing my kids' heartbeats for the first time! It makes it more real doesn't it??!!