Friday, May 23, 2008

Time is going fast, yet oh so slow...

When you find out that you are pregnant pretty much at the moment of conception, the times seems to drag, yet here I am at 15/16 weeks (depending on who you ask) and I can hardly believe we are here and hopefully will soon be able to find out what we are having.

This pregnancy has been very different as I have been dealing with diabetes with it as well so am never sure if what I am feeling is related to being pregnant or being diabetic.

Overall, I have lost 17 pounds since becoming pregnant and pretty much have my sugars under control I do have days where things vacillate, but the way I seem to watch it, I think I am doing pretty good. I am sure it could do better, but that would require testing my blood about 20 times a day and that just becomes consuming.

Since I lost weight, I haven't really noticed a lot of change due to the baby, but just recently I have started to feel a little tighter in my pants and can feel my uterus when I am laying down. It is quite incredible. I still feel the occasional fluttering and floating feeling in my belly from the baby and am looking forward to feeling the hiccups and some kicking here soon I hope.

I did take a picture as my cousins have asked me to do so so they can feel a part of this from a long way away. The picture is absolutely terrible, but it captures me at this stage for better or worse. It is all just a moment in time and I at least remembered to capture it. I am great at capturing moments for others, but have never liked to have my own picture taken. I think that is rather typical of photographers to start with. :D

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