Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blue Light Special

This last weekend was a big weekend in my life and those around me. You never seem to prepare for such things and then once they are out there you try to figure out what steps to take next. Let me explain:

I went to the Doctor's office on Friday to discuss medication to help my high sugars as well as talk to him about my basal temperatures that he told me to track.

All last week I had been tracking what I ate, what my blood sugar levels were, how much weight I was loosing and how much exercise I got. I did a line graph of my blood sugars so that it was easier to see the peaks and such. My doctor took one look at it and said, "Yeah, you are diabetic." I was fortunately a little prepared for that as I had been researching all week and just before I got to the doctor's I had told Amy that Dr. Yeash was going to say that I was in fact Diabetic.

He was surprised that I was taking it so well, but said he can see that I have already been working on things and that I appear to be very organized. He even asked me for a copy of my charting so he could put it in my file.

He was then talking to me about Diabetes and pregnancy, and if I get pregnant, He said I will need to go on insulin. He then asked if it is possible that I could be. I told him that there is nothing stopping it, so at this point I transitioned into my basal charting.

He looked at the charts and informed me that there really doesn't appear to be a trend at all and I seem abnormal in this. I told him I have heard that I am abnormal from every possible doctor so that doesn't shock me.

While looking at the chart he tells me that if I ovulated when I said I did, then I should have started and might be pregnant. I just thought, "Whatever."

I went and did my blood tests and asked if they were running one for pregnancy which they weren't.

I went to the store and bought some tests just to see. I have taken several of these since being married and they all just had one DARK pink line. This time I took 2 and it had such a faint pink second line that I thought I was making it up or they were defective. I didn't say anything to Torrey and asked a few of my girlfriends and my sister to see what they thought. They informed me that a line is a line.

I still didn't want to tell Torrey in case it was wrong. He wants a baby so bad. My sister changed my mind though. She called to tell me that Torrey should get to go through this with me. She also mentioned that she had done some research and found out that a lot of people that are diabetic or close often find out when they are pregnant. I did further study to find out if often goes away after pregnancy. VERY HOPEFUL.

So, I went and got the Dad's rootbeer from the closet and the card from the drawer and gave him the test. He saw the line and instead of hugging and kissing me, he pet his dog. This caused a reaction because I wanted the attention and he told me that I had said not to kiss me because I had a cold sore. A friend of mine told me that this reaction was enough to determine pregnancy. It was a bit over reactive. I had time to sit with it and he was just learning with it and trying to keep it in check too.

I was bummed because I had it all planned how I wanted to tell him and it didn't work out.

On Monday we decided to go get a test that said yes or no and not fuss with the lines. We went to Kmart and while we were there, I LOVE to check clearance, there were maternity clothes on great clearance, so we decided to check while we were there and if I was, get the clothes cheap before I have to pay a ton. So, Torrey went and bought the test and I went to the bathroom. As I was reading the directions, I determined I didn't need to read them because the test popped up to say yes+. I showed Torrey and he started to cry and I started to laugh. A poor lady walked by and I think she thought we were nuts.

I told Torrey that is seems right we should find out at Kmart since I met him at Sateway in checkout lane 4.

All of this explains so much of what I had been feeling. I was afraid to be hopeful, but had bought some pregnancy clothes that were on sale at Target a week ago.

So, God used this baby and my husband to help me find the diabetes and get me in gear to take care of myself and work to get rid of it and be healthy.

Amy knew from the start so there wasn't much to say to her, Cristina I asked her if she would always have gum (just like how she told me with Christopher - from Friends) and mom and dad we told last night. We gave dad a goodbye card and asked if he was ready to start two hand waving to us when we leave (he does this for the grandkids when the leave) and we gave mom a card asking if she was ready to make us a sea shell blanket (she had made one when I was in HS and I told her I wanted one when I had a baby). The family know and work will get out fast as some friends know too.

We are not telling Torrey's family until Torrey's birthday where he will be sporting a #1 dad hat and a Greatest Dad T-Shirt if we can get our hands on one.

Oh, I also found out that my thyroid is not working anymore either so have to take meds for that.

Please pray with us as our desire is that I can stay home or at least work from home when we have this baby and right now it doesn't appear it can happen, but we are looking with eyes of flesh and not God's. He can do many things and we are open to see how He will work in our lives through this.


  1. Lynette, I am so excited for you. I will pray for you often. I was diabetic through all my pregnancies. Staying away from the sugar was hard, but worth it. I would love to chat if you have questions, I will have to rack my memory a bit though :).

  2. Lynette & Torrey ~~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am soooooo HAPPY for both of you! I was so tickled when I read how you told your parents the news! I can see your Dad waving his two hands! And can't imagine the JOY your Mom will have as she crochets (or knits) the sea shell blanket for this precious grandchild-to-be! Can't wait to hear more updates from you and will be praying about your diabetes and your heart's desire to be a stay-at-home Mom.

  3. LL Nettey! I am SO SOOO excited for you and Torrey. You will be in my prayers!

  4. Congratulations! How exciting!

  5. Congratulations Lynette! I'm so excited to read about your pregnancy adventures! You are going to be a great MOM!!!!