Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Locks of Love

Since the wedding I decided that I would continue to grow my hair out until it was long enough to donate to Locks of Love.

Today was the day as I could no longer handle the length, the fact it was needing a trim and how it falls in my face when I sleep even when I put it in a rubber band.

After I got home from work I went to Cost Cutters and asked them if they cut hair for Locks of love. They did, so I remained.

The lady that helped me was Laura, and she told me that I have to have my hair in braids in order to donate so it will be more than 10 inches total. I was unfamiliar with this as the Locks of Love site says nothing about that. She later explained that Cost Cutters is held to a higher standard as they are buying the hair since they provide the service free. That is right, I said FREE. I was thrilled that not only would I be able to donate to a great cause but I was going to get a new hair-do FREE.

Because Cost Cutters was going to keep my hair, I asked if I could come back with my camera and get a picture. Laura told me she would leave my hair right where she put it until I came back.

When I walked in, Laura said that she didn't recognize me because I looked so different.

When Torrey came home, I hid around the corner and called his name. He was trying to find where I was and when he came around the corner he wasn't sure that it was me because I looked so different.

He told me how much he loved my hair, so that was good as I was afraid that he would be upset that I cut it even though he knew I was growing it to donate.

What I loved the most of all was looking at my picture from December and looking at the picture from today and being able to see the weight loss in my face.

So many things are happening and this felt SO good to do. It was a nice pick me up in my life with all the health stuff. Knowing that I will help a little child have some hair because they lost theirs to cancer and that they are brave little people going through so much worse than I am.

I pray for the children that my hair will minister to and hope that God will use it to show them the love of Christ somehow.


  1. SO CUTE! I love the dooooo. Some day I'll have the guts to do that too. However my hair is soooo thin I'm not sure what they can do with it. :(