Monday, February 11, 2008


Life is all about waiting right now, at least it seems that way.

In the devotional "God Calling" for the February 11 entry, there is a line that says, "All motion is more easy than calm waiting."

I find that line to be so true for me and I don't think I am that different from those around me.

God continues to be saying, "Be still and know that I am God."

It is so hard to sit still.  To have dreams and hopes says that we should take some course of action, yet action is not taking shape and so I wait to see...

1 - How God wants me to serve
2 - What God has in mind for a job for me
3 - If I should go to school
4 - If God will give us a family
5 - If I will be able to stay home and care for my husband, home and family
6 - etc.

To wait isn't something that doesn't require action.  I must be active in  my waiting because this isn't time to be squandered, but time to pour my heart into learning more truths of Christ and how I can grow to look more like Him, so I pray that while I wait for the areas that I am uncertain of, that I will seek God whole-heartedly now to develop a good practice of seeking Him first so that when the other things come around, the priorities are strong and a discipline is in place.

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