Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How God Provides through People

For years I have been watched for Diabetes as it runs in my family. Well, some of you may know that I have married a man that has had Diabetes for 25 years and because I have married him I have been more aware of things that need to change and also how it can impact you physically if you are not doing what you should.

Well, I have not been feeling well for a while and just for "fun" I tested by blood this weekend and found that it was TOO HIGH.

My husband has several meters from having diabetes for so long, that I have claimed one and am working to figure out what is causing it to be high. I have been working on the "right" foods, the "right" quantities and exercise to help me get the numbers down. I have seen some improvements already, but hope for more.

This will require great diligence and a focus on learning so that I can do what is best for me as well as my husband. I am hoping that God will help me find that healthy balance for my life so that I am honoring Him in how I eat and live my life.

As I have been researching, there is so much stuff that we are never taught and you would think that the healthcare industry would want to educate you on prevention rather than wait for you to have it. Prevention is so much cheaper, but then we are also to care for our own bodies, so part of that is on me for not having researched enough.

I do not want to live with what my dear Torrey deals with every day. I see how exhausting it can be as well as frustrating when you don't know why you are having a high or a low.

I am going to visit my Doctor on Friday and show him my readings, what I have been eating and see if there are some natural options to deal with this rather than the medication I have been on before that makes me very ill.

Ultimately, pray with me that I will be diligent to change my lifestyle. There is a lot to learn and a lot to adjust from bad habits and not knowing the best foods to make, so I have a tall hill to climb to better care for me and my husband, but with God, I can do it and hopefully it will be something that I can pass on to my children and others.

I want to be healthy and not end up on medication forever and be able to hopefully have a safe pregnancy someday.

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