Friday, January 4, 2008

What it's really all about

Torrey and Lynette had the great pleasure of taking Jason, Logan and Casey to "A Walk Through Bethlehem" that was put on by Faith Bible Chapel.

We were so impressed with the attention to detail, the yummy cocoa and the warmth of the tent, but what topped it off was the real experience and being able to watch my nephews interact with everything around us.

Lynette was called a sorcerer while we were there because she was taking pictures and they saw a light coming out of her face. The people were really acting the part and I am sure it was hard to do as they had to remain in character for 4 hours each night.

Logan loved it so much that we had to go through it twice and he had to visit Baby Jesus 3 times. On the last time we went through, we were able to be there when the wise men arrived and while they were kneeling down to Jesus, Logan approached with them and knelt down as well. It was a heart moving moment that shows the real reason that we celebrate.

A Child will lead them.

We wanted to take Christopher and Adrianna too, but Lynette got really sick. They were able to go and see it because Grandma and Grandpa Larson took them down.

We hope to see it again next year as it was a great depiction of the events and it brought people from near and far to experience it.

The kids enjoyed seeing the live animals as well as a camel. Logan was waiting for it to spit on him and was very fascinated with how large it was, that he had never seen one before and their large humps.

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