Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time with those we love

It is such a blessing to be given the gift of time and even better when it is time with those we love.

Torrey and I had the opportunity to have Christopher and Adrianna over for the evening and it was such a joy.

Adrianna has been a little girl that is not always fond of men or dogs and now my house has them both. Today she informed me that she loved Torrey best and Christopher loved me best but she loves me too. She absolutely enjoys Torrey and is always asking for him.

Today Torrey had to go to work while they took a nap and when they woke up, Adrianna went to the potty as we are working to potty train her and Christopher got so excited because she poodled. When I came in to help, she told me that Torrey will be so proud of her.

Christopher and I also had the opportunity to reminisce about Grandma Cookie today. We looked at a picture and he was telling me about how she got really sick and died and went to heaven. We got to talk about how much we miss her and love her but how much happier she is with Jesus.

Children are such a precious gem in our lives. We are so blessed to be able to have family that will share the kids with us. Since thanksgiving, I think we have only had one weekend that we didn't have at least 2 kids at our home.

We do pray that God will bless us with some of our own someday, but for now, we just rejoice that we have children in our lives that we can spend time with.

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