Friday, January 4, 2008

Our First Christmas

We had our first Christmas together and with our families and it was a great time.

I was a little worried as we had been told by several that the holidays will be a potential for fights because of traditions and family gatherings. Overall we did really well and enjoyed ourselves.

On the 22nd of December, we celebrated with the Larson side where we hosted the event at our house. It was an all day event which is pretty normal for us. We don't seem to do anything in a small scale. Everyone showed up around 10 and we had brunch items and then opened the presents. The present scene was CHAOS and our house was not large enough for the gifts and the paper that was flying and we all cut back this year. We let the kids go first and then we let them go play with their gifts while the adults opened theirs.

Once we were done with all the gifts, we sat and visited for a while and then the Bustamante's came over to join us for some fellowship and games while the little people rested. We then had a nice meal together in the basement. It was so exciting that we all fit together. It isn't your typical dining room, but it worked and we enjoyed being together as a family.

After supper, Torrey had all the kids gather around for the Christmas Story where they were able to be actively involved as their were presents to open in connection with the story, it was something we purchased at our Weekend t0 Remember called "What does God want for Christmas?" by FamilyLife. It was so well done and really hit home. Torrey was having a hard time finishing it as it brought him to tears. The little kids did so well with it as did the adults.

After the Story was over, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and lit some candles that were arranged in the shape of a cross and Christopher helped us blow them out.

On Christmas Eve, Torrey and I went over to Mom and Dad's and had our oyster stew. Mom made Potato Soup with Dumplings for Torrey in case he didn't like oysters. After we ate, we finally got around to play pinochle which I was promised on March 4 (it was a trick to get me to my parents so he could propose). The game was a little confusing as I had never played and when I tired to take the trick (or whatever) my husband kept uping the bid, so mom and I did end up busting, but I had to try the card swapping to really get the hang of this. I am far from getting it, but will keep trying as my husband loves to play games.

On Christmas Day we hung out at home preparing to go over to his brother's home for Christmas. We had a very nice meal and played some games with them as well. We missed seeing his other brother and his family, but we did go visit the kids which was nice. I hadn't met his oldest niece nor had we really had time to meet or hold our Great nephew. We hope to see them again soon.

Torrey and I did our Christmas on the 27th. We had decided that we didn't want to do it on Christmas day as we want our family to celebrate Christ's birth first and foremost. Torrey woke up on the 27th and suggested we do it on that day as it is the anniversary of our first date. I thought it was very sweet and something that we can share and talk about with our kids (hopefully) someday.

We had a great season and it was so much fun to really be able to focus on Jesus as well as focus on each group separately.

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