Saturday, January 12, 2008

Love is an Oreo Cookie

My darling husband did the sweetest thing the other day. We are still working hard to get used to being married and doing it to glorify God. It is not always easy, but each day is a better experience and one that is continuing to grow us.

Anyway....on to the sweetest thing he did.

We both really like oreo's and my husband had a stash in his car for snacks or if he needed something quick to get his blood sugar back up. I saw them in his truck and was very sad that he hadn't brought them into the house. So, the other day after we had a struggle and talked through it, he decorated the bed with oreo cookies in the shape of a heart and them put in cards that had verses on them.

He was very kind to love on me and to share his cookies with his undeserving wife.

1 comment:

  1. Lynette,
    Congratulations on getting married! That's so great. I'll have to share the oreo story with Greg! Glad to see what's happening in your life.