Saturday, December 15, 2007

Date Day

Torrey planned a very fun day for us. He has been wanting to take me somewhere (which we still haven't been able to do yet) and he was not able to do it on this day as there was something that was on the schedule that I do not recall at this moment, I think he had to work.

We went and had lunch at Famous Dave's which is one of our favorite places to eat. I am not typically a Bar-b-Que fan, but their's is GOOD. From there we stopped by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as Torrey was to start working there and we were checking in to see what was up and he got me some yummy chocolate that we took with us to see the movie Bella (If you haven't seen it, you must).

After that we went and painted. I have wanted to take him to Made By Me forever and just hadn't gotten there. I am thinking that I am loosing my creative juices though as everytime I have gone this year I have not liked what I have done.

Torrey really seemed to enjoy himself even though I think he started with a harder piece. When you do plates, it is hard to really mess them up too much, but when you do figurines, you have to be careful.

It was a fun time together that really opened my eyes to some things. As were were sitting there painting, we were sitting next to a couple of ladies that were having a day out. It was distressing to listen to their conversation though as they were sitting there talking about how they love their husbands yet at the same time they were disrespecting them so much that it made me sad. I told Torrey that I never wanted him to have to be concerned about how I represent him publicly. I know I am not perfect, but I would never want him to feel that I would belittle him in such a fashion. It also opened my eyes to how I have come across in the past and still continue to do so. I am a work in progress and I am thankful for the glimpses that God can give to us through other people.

We had a great day out and it was something I was able to use to help me seek God more fully in how I can care for my husband better.

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