Thursday, December 13, 2007

Walk through Bethlehem

Tonight Torrey wanted to take me to where he attended church (and we attended together on Wednesdays when we first started dating) to "Walk Through Bethlehem."

The church is doing an big tent event where they will have visitors walk through the streets and see actors depicting what Bethlehem may have looked like at the time of Christ's birth.

We are going to be attending with Jason, Logan and Casey as we were certain Logan would be fascinated by it. This little boy has such a heart for loving people and telling them about Jesus. He is not shy about it nor rude. He actually is a lot like his new Uncle Torrey. They both are very zealous and open about Christ to anyone and everyone they meet.

I hope to take some pictures tonight and will post about the experience.

For more information you can go to Faith Bible Chapel - Concerts.

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