Friday, December 7, 2007

Life is Precious

It is times like these where you look at your life and your family and grow to appreciate them so much more.

We are all so blessed to have people that love us, but oh the joy of knowing those you love also love God, follow God and believe in Jesus.

Just yesterday, Jason lost his grandmother. She has been suffering for a few years and just last week she ended up in the hospital and they were told that they didn't think she had a lot of time.

We do not know the condition of her heart and that makes the loss that much greater for all. Our prayers right now are for Jason's family as they do not believe in Jesus.

There is a very influential soul winner in the family that I believe God plans to use in their life. Our little Logan has a BIG heart for God and wants people to know about Jesus. On top of his love for Jesus is his love to care for people.

Pray with us as Jason's family is hurting and they need a Savior.

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