Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let everyone that has breath, praise the Lord.

This verse is very much what keeps running through my head as I think of the events of yesterday at my place of employment.

The short story is that I did not loose my job. (that was for those of you that don't have time to read all the rest)

So, the day started out odd and continued to get odder still...My boss called and asked me when I was going to leave when I first arrived, and I told him probably 5 or 5:30 and he asked me to stay late if I could. Then he asked if my colleague was here yet.

A little bit later I went in to talk to him about some projects that came my way on Friday and wanted him to know, and he told me he can't talk about it right now as he needs to wait for someone else. I then asked him if he would mind being a professional reference for me.

Much later in the day, My boss came by and asked me if we could talk. So I followed him, but we didn't go to his office. We went to a BIG conference room and just sat there. He told me not to be nervous. I told him I wasn't and he said he knows me so don't be. He said that we couldn't start yet because we were waiting for someone to join us.

His boss, my old Colleague in the Account Management arena, came in and sat down and informed me that my job was going away because the role just isn't needed like it used to me. Then they inform me that I will still have a job and will be working more than likely with the Business Development Team (which I was working with anyway) and will take over that area as well as continue working with the operations side as needed. They said that I will probably have a split report and that I could move my desk if I wanted to and that effective immediately I now report to my bosses boss again.

I ask how I need to notify my accounts about this and they said there is no need, I will continue doing what I have been doing and helping when they call for the most part.

They inform me that I can't talk about this at all until they talk to the other Account Manager.

Well, to sum it up, she doesn't have a job anymore and I do.

That is God's protection entirely, and I am thankful for that in so many ways right now. What a great gift to not have lost my job yesterday. As much as Torrey and I would like me to be home more, now isn't the time yet.

Please pray for us as we are both in odd places with our jobs right now and trying to dream for the future and set things in place to get there.

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