Tuesday, October 30, 2007


You can never be fully prepared for marriage even if you are desperately seeking the face of Jesus and direction from Him.

I don't think I was unprepared for marriage to be hard. I have seen many marriages throughout my life and the good and bad times, but I did honestly think that the first year would be much different than it has been.

God is working in our lives as we continue to be a giant mirror to each other. It is hard to see your sin so blatantly staring back at you. I have no idea how people make it through marriage without a wonderful Heavenly Father to guide you and support you.

We have had some great and joyful moments in our marriage so far as well as some very hard times were we have had to learn to lay down our self for the other. Ultimately every struggle we have is a result of our selfishness and pride. It is so sad how much we love ourselves to the detriment of those around us.

We continue to press on because we know that God has something bigger than us in store and we want to be a part of His plan.

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  1. you are way ahead if you have realized all that in your first year of marriage. It took many of us many years to realize it. God is after our sanctification and His glorification more than anything else, yet by His mercy He gives us delights along the way! I am happy for you!!