Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Retreat or Forge Ahead?

At our Women’s retreat of 2007, we were encouraged to “Forge Ahead” in our lives with Christ. There is never a cause for delay in serving our Lord and in reaching out to love those to Christ, and we all felt the urgency and the need from Cindy’s great love and passion for our Father.

We were provided the opportunity to retreat for the normal grind and be able to take time to invest in people, old and new. We were granted access to actively participate in what we were learning by finding ways to serve each other during the very time we were “retreating.”

We were challenged in every session on what Grace means and how to live out our life “Forging Ahead” in our love for God and His people. We need to have the right attitude and love those around us to Christ. We can’t do that without first getting a healthy dose of the Word of God.

In order to share with those around us, we need to be able to know the Scripture. As Cindy stated it, “We need to know the diagnosis before we know the cure.” It is never easy to share Jesus with other people. Often times it is because WE get in the way. We are so fearful of how we will look to other people. Who cares what they think. We must love them enough to tell them the truth for the sake of Christ and their eternal home. Our God will give you all that you need to do what He is calling you to do. The best place to be, is to be weak in ourselves, because then we can become strong in the Lord.

If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all. Faith is not something that will allow you to retreat; retreating in the faith is wavering in your stand for Christ. Faith is something that requires you to keep pressing forward and putting your trust in the one that created everything.

We must be surrounding ourselves with people that fear the Lord more than us. We are called to be in relationships with the family of believers so that they can come along side us and encourage us to “Forge Ahead” in our walk with the Lord. We never want to be people that retreat in our relationship with Christ.

Are you seeking out God’s Word as your personal love letter or just reading it as stories and encouragement? It is personal. His birth, death and resurrection was personal. He did it for you!

Are you focusing so much of your life on yourself that you are forgetting to serve others? Don’t be afraid of what you have to give up or what will be required of you. Look at His sacrifice for you, isn’t it worth it? Won’t He provide you everything you need? Get your perspectives set on the Eternal. Forge Ahead Boldly!!!

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