Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What makes a relationship REAL?

What is missing in churches these days? Do you feel disconnected? Is your heart aching for someone to understand you? Do you desire to pour out your gifts to other people and don’t know where to start?

Today life seems so full of distractions and the need to find “me” time that what God has encouraged the church to be, is becoming all to foreign.

We know that God calls us to be in relationships, but has the definition of relationships changed in our mind? Just from watching relationships in the church from one decade to the next, there appears to be more distance than real connection. What can we do to get that back? We have to give up the desire to care just for ourselves. Selfishness is plaguing our nation and we need to be different. We are called to be different. We are to be in the world but NOT of the world.

Can the church exist and serve God without living together in connection, accountability and harmony? I would conclude that there is no way. If we are all part of the body, if you are missing, we don’t function. We need you, we want you. (Rom 12)

If you don’t take the first step to care about those in the church, will we be a people that will reach outside the church? The only way that we can function fully is if we are together. We will have a harder time reaching outside of our body if we are injured or incomplete. (Acts 4:32) We need the church to build each other up, bear each other burdens, challenge and love one another. (Eph 4:1-3).

Do you have someone in the church that mentors you, someone that you mentor? How are you striving to impact others for Christ? Can people see joy in you that is unexplainable? Let’s be a church that strives to build relationships of quality and integrity.(Col 3:12-17) Don’t wait for someone else first. We are to be people of action because the time is drawing near. Be willing to be used right where you are and in the circumstances that are unique to you. Build meaningful relationship in the church and you will find yourself encouraged far more than you feel you have encouraged others. (Rom 15:1-4)

Remember the simple, yet appropriate acronym: JOY (Jesus, Others, You). Live life with passion and purpose for Christ. Take that first step and find someone in whom to invest, and God will supply the rest. (1 Cor 3:11)


  1. Very good insight ! Did you write this for the Women's ministry newsletter?

  2. I honestly do think the Church is building relationship and lifting each other up. There are cases where it is not and yes they could be changed and should be changed but there are many cases where the Body is acting like a body. Meals are being brought, children are being watched, people are helping each other move, friends are stopping by with coffee and the list goes on. It is always easy to focus on the negative but more beneficial to look at the positive and continue to build.