Thursday, September 1, 2005

Do you call yourself a failure?

In our walk with Christ, we will often fail Him, but that does not make us failures. God's grace has covered all our sins and washes away our failings. God will use our times that feel like failures and turn them into a time where He becomes our strength and source of knowledge.

God does not call us to walk this life alone. He does not call us to rely on our wisdom, but to ask for His wisdom when we are lacking, and to have faith that He will give it to us.

What do you have in your life that lures you away from God? Are you aware that anything that pulls us away from His working in our life is an addiction and is sin? In order to follow Christ we are not to only know His will but we are to be obedient and do it.

Take steps each day to identify what is enticing you to follow after it rather than follow after God.


  1. Just curious to know where you are getting your thoughts, etc. Are you reading a devotional book?

  2. I get my thoughts from different scripture I read, from comments in passing and just from an overactive brain.