Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Will you fall back in faith?

When you look at the world and see all the bad things that happen, do you ask yourself this question, "Why does God allow these bad things to happen, I thought He cared?"

I think that question is one we find far too easy to ask, and we all have asked it at one point or another if we are willing to be honest with ourselves.

I think a good question to ask before tackling that question is, "How well do you know God?"

The more that we know God and learn about His love and care for us and past generations, the better we will see that He NEVER promised that life would be easy and always full of happiness.
Just looking at the life of His Son shows that God had great sadness. He watched His only Son be rejected by men and crucified. If God would suffer such a great sadness, why would we not also go through things that we do not understand or enjoy?

The hard times and unhappy moments are the very things that can help us grow and become more mature Christians. James 1:2-6 discusses the very concept of how the hard times produce much fruit. Do you want to turn your back on the tough stuff so that your life is easy, or would you rather know your God so well that when the tough stuff presents itself that you can fall into the hands of God knowing that He will carry you through?

I want to know my God so well that He is the very first one that I turn to. I want to know that the very thing that is in my path, that appears to be harder than I would like it to be, was put there to develop a closer relationship with Him.

Do you remember playing with your dad, when you were little, and standing with your back to him and then you would fall back and he would catch you? That very game required us to completely trust in the love and care of our Father. If we were to play that game with a stranger, do you think you would have fallen back? I don't think you would. So, if you think that you can have a relationship with Christ without knowing Him, there is now way that you will trust Him when things get tough because you have not allowed Him to know you and you to know Him enough to see the evidences of faithfulness that He embodies. We do not fall back to prove He is faithful, we fall back so we can experience His faithfulness personally. Faithfulness and God cannot be separated.

Just as coal under pressure produces a diamond, so when we as Christians are put through our hard times will we turn to a beautiful jewel that reflects the very nature of Christ to others.

Step out and be willing to accept all that God has for you even though you do not know the end result in the circumstance. The great part of it all is that you know the ultimate end, that we will be with Him when our time on earth is done.

Our "Whys" will disappear as we learn to rest in God's hand and trust in His faithfulness. The better we know Him the less doubt that will be in our soul.

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