Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Your Body is a Temple

As a temple of God, are you living in such a fashion as to honor His temple? What do you eat? What do you wear? What do you say?

God is faithful to take care of the body(of believers). He wants His Church healthy. The way to stay healthy is to make sure each member is faithful to care for themselves as God desires. We need to clean out what is causing us to be unhealthy. Both in our life and in the lives of those in the church.

We need to make sure to deal with our sin before we try to point out the sin of others. When you approach your brothers and sisters, make sure to do it with humility of heart. We can not hold any vain conceit in your lives when we approach someone in sin. We need to show the love for them so they know we are sincere and committed to walk with them in the valley.

Just as it is necessary for parents to discipline their children when they have done wrong, God will correct us as well. Discipline is not meant to be a pleasant experience for us, but a turning point to be redirected to the truth of Scripture. The more you run, the stronger the discipline must become. God wants to get our attention so that you are living your life in such a way that others see Christ in your life. If you stay in your sin and proclaim to be a Christian, you will confuse those that are watching and haven't found Christ. That is not a testimony that is pleasing to God and He will strive to get your attention and bring you back to Him. He will use the circumstances that drew you away from him to them draw others to Him. He is faithful to use ALL things for good. They might not have been good in the moment, but He will make them be good to lead others to Him.

God will never allow you to be at the beginning, middle or end of sin and not feel conviction. You will feel the prompting of His warning you to turn from the sin in front of you. If you are not hearing(listening) to Him, then you need to tune your ears or determine if you really have Jesus in your life. God will not be silent. If you find Him silent, seek Him out. He wants to speak to you, He wants to help you, He wants to love you.

Do you expect a lightening bolt from the Lord? I would encourage you to not look for that. Look for the still small voice of God. By the time you get to the lightening bolt stage, you may not like the end result. God was trying to get your attention long before the lightening bolt. Get your heart tuned into God now and don't wait for something big to bring you back around.

Just remember, we are not our own. Your body is a temple for someone. Is your Body a temple for the Lord to use?

We will worship someone in the end. Who will it be?

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